First in Turkey! Jet Engine Parts Production Abroad with permission of Turkish Ministry of National Defense

For the first time in Turkey, UYGUR will produce Jet Engine parts with "Export License".


SAFRAN Group, SNECMA's order for Jet Engine M53 parts for Mirage 2000 and M88 parts for Dassault Rafale has been received

and the contract has been signed by both parties.

For the production of the parts for Mirage 2000, M53 and Dassault Rafale M88 Jet Engines, an application for "Export License"

has been sent to Turkish Ministry of National Defense, together with the documents prepared and

provided by SAFRAN Group.

Until today, such parts were produced via Offset agreements in Turkey. UYGUR, with the contract

signed with SAFRAN Group, showed that Turkey has surpassed the world standards on production

capacity, capabilities and quality.